PowerTune Digital Dash V4 to V5 upgrade!


-You send your existing V4 digital dash to us (excluding cables), and we will upgrade all internal components (excluding the screen panel), software, as well as the housing.
-We will then return the upgraded V5 digital dash back to you.
-All data will be transferred from the old unit to the new unit.
-Customers are responsible for the safe shipping and delivery of the screen to our site.


The V5 variant represents the final form of our now world famous digital dash. Upgrades include:

  • The newer Raspberry Pi4 SoC! Bringing 4x more RAM and an upgraded CPU!
  • Hardware upgrades to Powertune Digitals internal hardware (HAT) including:
    Added an internal onboard 12V power supply, no more reliance on an external power supply
    -Internally integrated GPS, removing the need for externally mounted GPS module / pinning / wires
    -Added a quick release connector for Power/Ground + CAN HI/LO - no more screw terminals!
  • Added power supply redundancy, power can now be supplied via the main USB connector, or via the quick release connector. Disconnecting either supply with the alternate supply still connected will allow the unit to continue operating
  • Revised housing design  
  • Future option for DUAL CAN-BUS connections, for customers running multiple CAN BUS networks at different speeds (initial release will be single CAN only)


The ultimate digital dash for your car! 

  • Live, real-time display of ECU data 
  • Customize to your desired sensor outputs, display themes, preferred RPM and shift light settings
  • Set visual and audio warnings for temperature readings and sensor states
  • Make adjustments for speed corrections (changed wheel size, inaccurate mechanical gauges)
  • 7" LCD display (still completely visible with direct sunlight)
  • Virtual drag/quarter mile timer

Includes the following:

  • Upgraded RPI4 CPU with 4x more memory 
  • Upgraded Powertune Digital socketed hardware 
  • Supply of plug and play cables 
  • Full data backup and transfer from old unit to new unit
  • Refreshed 12 month hardware warranty (excluding reused panels)