CAN-SHIFT Pre-order

Powertune Digital CANSHIFT LED shift light system!

This module does NOT require a supported ECU to work!

-Multi input: Tap into either the cluster tacho signal, or get the RPM signal straight from the engine bay.  Vehicles with no ECU are supported, as well as vehicles with a factory/standalone ECU.
-Relays RPM data to customisable LED shift light kit
-Rebroadcasts RPM data via high speed CAN-BUS to a Powertune Digital dash ! Works with both the Powertune Digital dash and CAN I/O extender.
-Suits any 4, 6 and 8 cylinder vehicle.
-Fully user customisable shift patterns, colors and sequences.
-Auto dimming brightness when vehicle headlights are toggled
-Includes control module with rotary dial to adjust and configure settings

Kit Includes: 
                -CANSHIFT RPM interface and integrated CAN-BUS module 
                -LED light strip
                -12 Month global warranty

Lead time: Development has been entirely completed and bulk electronic component orders have been placed with suppliers. Expected ship date for CANSHIFT orders is 15th December 2021.