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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the magic happens in our custom built software. We have spent several years developing and testing our package and have the custom built hardware to meet the requirements for the job at hand.

We have written protocols to talk to major aftermarket ECUs, powered by a quad-core onboard processor and supplying an adapter interface to plug directly into your ECU, after wiring in your power and ground the unit is plug and play and ready to go.

All you need to do is plug the cable into your ECU and connect your power.

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PowerTune Digital plugs directly into your ECU via supplied cable, power and ground are wired in to any 12V source of your choice.

This is typically a ten minute job. We can supply a cigarette lighter charger as opposed to hard-wired if desired.

For CAN based aftermarket ECUs, we can display almost anything that can be wired into the ECU and also what the ECU is doing in real time (speed/RPM/lambda ect) -> Whatever sensors have been wired into your vehicles ECU as well as the main elements the ECU is managing can be displayed.

Examples include speed/rpm/pressure sensors/temperature sensors, Ethanol content %, Lambda...typically anything you have wired to the ECU can be displayed.

PowerTune Digitals software and hardware environment have been built from the ground up to ensure professional grade performance at an entry level price point.

Almost all existing software packages only support the OBD2 protocol and do not support aftermarket ECUs.

There may often also be noticeable lag/performance issues using OBD2 due to the slow nature of how data is requested using this protocol, whereas PowerTune Digital dash displays data in real time via CANBUS and is a fixed solution that can easily be mounted in a variety of locations across an assortment of vehicles.

We are the middle ground between a cheap tablet solution and a several thousand dollar motorsport dash.

  • PowerTune Digital software licence and ALL ECU communication packs (Additional ECU support is not sold separately! :)
  • PowerTune Digital display
  • Protective case for display and components
  • 1-3 metre 12V to 5V 3amp vehicle wire-in power supply
  • CAN cable to connect the dash to your ECU
  • 12-month warranty
  • Optional mounting bracket and GPS module

We have a more in-depth FAQ Page. Find our full FAQ page here!

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