An affordable yet versatile digital display

Our high definition, multi touch display shows ECU data such as RPM, speed and temperatures in real-time. With up to four active dashes you can customise the look and feel of your display the way you want it.

Good looking, functional and easy to use - plug & play straight to the ECU. No wiring, no extra sensors, just plug the cable in and go!

Compatible with aftermarket ECU's

Stock ECU? Not a problem, with OBDII input even factory cars get to enjoy this one of a kind dash. Our dash is compatible with any vehicle with the following ECU:

- Haltech
- Link/Vipec
- Motec
- ECU Master
- Toyota 86/BRZ/FR-S stock ecu (high speed canbus)
- Hondata
- Microtech
- Adaptronic
- Apexi Power FC
- Nistune/Nissan Consult V1
(Skyline, Silvia/180-200-240SX, Micra)
- OBD 2 (Any standard ECU vehicle manufactured after roughly the year 2000 include OBD2)

-Currently in development: Holley, Emtron

Core features

- ECU Data displayed in real-time!

- Up to four active display modes customisable to your desired outputs, sensors and colours

- Ability to set warnings and ranges for any output displayed

- Full data logging capability

- Easy to install - plug and play to the ECU!

- Optional GPS integration to overlay your position on track over maps data and a lap timer accurate to 1/10th of a second

- GPS and/or wheel speed sensor based odometer

- Easy adjustment of speed readouts to compensate for different wheel/tyre sizes

- Adjustable RPM limit/adjustable shift lights

- Integration with GoPro cameras, when combined with datalogs, user is able to use third party software to overlay performance statistics onto GoPro footage (speed/RPM ect)

- User customization of style, color, display outputs, on-screen locations and more

Custom drop-in clusters

Sick of your old, shaky analogue cluster? We can also provide a completely customised drop-in cluster for all makes and models of vehicles that completely replace your existing cluster, maintaining everything needed to be street legal. Contact us today for a quote!

Products - prices Ex GST

Track Dash (GPS)

Track Dash (GPS)

From Regular price $750.00 AUD

Street Dash

Street Dash

From Regular price $650.00 AUD

Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket

Regular price $75.00 AUD