Dash layouts

To change the dash layouts, first scroll to settings and set any "userdash" as an active layout. Double tap for layout menu -> press clear. In the layout menu, press background to send the background picture layout, then from the layout menu select "import" and select the relevant layout.

 Digital render followed by real world example where possible

- "User dash 1" - In layout menu, press background, set RPM bar to Style 1.

 - User dash 1 photography, layout with basic tweak.

- "Main dash" - stock dash on all units, image cannot be modified.

- Main dash photography with user added gauges on bottom row

- "Bull style 1" - Supercar inspired 

- "Bull style 1" photography

- "Test dash" - Lots of blue!

- "Test dash" photography driven by the man Luke Fink himself. Shibby shibby!

- "Config dash" - community submission

- "Bull Style 2" - Supercar inspired

- "GTR Dash"- MFD inspired layout

- "Green dash" - Now featuring green.

- "Blue dash" unconfigured


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