Q - Do you have a dealer/partner program?
A - Yes! Email us to find out more.

Q - Can I run PowerTune on my Android/Samsung/iPad/Laptop/Windows tablet?
A - No. PowerTune is demanding software and requires a specific, custom-built Linux environment and paired hardware to perform effectively.

Q – How hard is it to install?
A – PowerTune plugs directly into your ECU via supplied cable, power and ground are wired in to any 12V source of your choice. This is typically a ten minute job. We can supply a cigarette lighter charger as opposed to hard-wired if desired.

Q - How is this different to other software packages available on the app store/play store?
A – PowerTunes software and hardware environment have been built from the ground up to ensure professional grade performance at an entry level price point. Almost all existing software packages only support the OBD2 protocol and do not support aftermarket ECUs. There may often also be noticeable lag/performance issues, whereas PowerTune displays data in real time and is a fixed solution that can easily be mounted in a variety of locations across an assortment of vehicles.

Q - What sensor outputs will I be able to see?
A – The sensor outputs vary by both car and ECU combination. For example, some vehicles running a Power FC will see a boost reading (example Supra), however an R33 Skyline with a MAF sensor will not provide a boost reading to the ECU that can be displayed. Typically speaking we can always show RPM, speed, temperatures and voltages; with a variety of other sensor outputs available depending on your car and ECU combination, such as AFR, knock, gear/throttle position etc.

Q – My ECU isn’t listed. How do I get in on this?
A – Be sure to vote in our Facebook polls on what ECU protocols you think we should develop next!

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