Digital dash V4 quick start guide with GPS pinning can be viewed here

Digital dash V5 quick start guide can be viewed here here

Digital dash full user manual can be downloaded here

Standalone dash user manual here

CAN I/O Extender with a Supported ECU manual here

CANSHIFT V1 user manual here
CANSHIFT V2 user manual here

Warranty can be viewed here

Facebook - PowerTune Digital Owners Group: Join here

Video tutorials:

Guide 1 - Powertune Digital dash vehicle installation (COMING SOON!)

Guide 2 - Powertune Digital dash first time setup/first use video here

Guide 3 - Customising dash layouts here (watch guide 2 first!)

Guide 4 - How to create tracks for the laptimer here

Other items:

Link ECU Analogue input setup guide here

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